Rain Barrels

Wicker 50

The Algreen Wicker rain barrel collector reinvents how you harvest rain water. This 50-gallon rattan design is sturdy and one of the most eye-catching rain barrels on the market. The most captivating feature is its appearance which emulates the texture of wicker. This rain barrel comes with a mosquito-proof screen which keeps out heavy debris and insects for your piece of mind. All Algreen Rain Barrels are equipped with two overflows to allow for linking multiple barrels by using Algreen Rain barrel linking kit, they can be installed with an Algreen Deluxe Diverter Kit and an Algreen Rain Barrel Pump Kit for pressurized watering to your garden.

Collect water for your grass and flower gardens from mother nature rather than the water from your tap which is treated with chemicals and can also be costly. Impress your friends and neighbors with the Wicker 50-gallon rain saver.

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