Rain Barrels

Agua 50

The Algreen Agua rain water collection and storage system combines the timeless esthetic elegance of ceramics with the durability of resin. This 50 gallon rainsaver is molded from rugged, rotomolded plastic able to withstand extreme temperatures and will not chip, fade or crack over time. The rain barrel comes with a 4 foot garden hose with shut-off nozzle and corrosion-proof screen guard. The hose hangs neatly on the attached hook. The rain barrel includes an integrated planter making it easy to elevate your homes curb appeal.  Tip: Combine 2 or more rain barrels with the Algreen Linking Kit

81312 | BrownStone
81002 | Terracotta
81302 | CharcoalStone
81213 | TaupeStone


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